WESTBROOK – Reindeer Theatre Company will present “American Idle” the first three weekends of May at Warren Memorial Library Auditorium. Not to be confused with TV’s “American Idol,” Reindeer’s “American Idle” will showcase the acting talents of 18 young individuals in this comedy written by Craig Sodaro.

The story focuses on Dr. Bruno Slacker who has been trying to find his way to Easy Street all his young life. Having pursued one harebrained scheme after another to get rich quick, he has finally hit on a scheme he’s sure will work.

Claiming Americans work and worry too much, Slacker claims (on national television, no less) that if they’d only become idle, they’d live longer. To prove his point, he invites eight ambitious contestants to spend a week in “Idle House,” his version of a reality television show.

Any subjects who can last the week will split a $1 million prize. Unfortunately, Bruno doesn’t have $1 million, his mother is trying to undermine his project and his subjects can’t quite leave the real world behind them – sneaking boyfriends, assistants and partners into the picture to complicate his experiment.

By the time the wacky challenge reaches its conclusion, only one surprising subject is left standing.

Reindeer’s “American Idle” cast includes Sophie Braun-McGovern, Andrea Kostovick, Josh Cohen and Merrill Porterfield of Scarborough; Alex Cottrell, Brian and Robert Lawson, Matt Rairdon, Andrew Silver and Brock, Cassidy and Vance Leighton, all of Westbrook; Justin Cedrone and Acy Jackson of Portland; Nicole Gile of Gorham; and Kiara Tringali and Jessica Merrill of Windham.

Directed by Ellen and Mark Munson and Louis Philippe, “American Idle” will run Friday, Saturday and Sunday, May 2 – May 18. Friday and Saturday shows are at 7 p.m.; Sunday matinees are at 2 p.m.

Tickets are $12 for adults, $8 for children under 18 and seniors. Warren Memorial Library Auditorium is at 479 Main St. For more information, call 857-9002.

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