The bell chimes and indicates the start of the Test.

The teacher distributes the mass of dreaded papers.

Horror strikes the students.

The blood streams from their faces.

100 questions with an essay to top it all off.

Pens start scribbling.

Students adjusting in their seats every five minutes.

The race against the clock begins.

Tick, tock, tick, tock.

It is almost deafening.

Certain questions spark the knowledge.

Somehow the teachers managed to lodge the chunk

Of information into the students brains.

The answers just spill out in the form of ink.

Onto the white sheet of paper.

Suddenly, question #87 throws a curve ball.

All the intelligence once in the brain,

Evaporates! Fear strikes again.

Even more frustration sets in because the answer .

Is on the tip of the tongue.

Five minutes pass…

Then ten. Then fifteen.

People have started the essay.

Thoughts of being outside and relaxing,

Flood the brain.

Finally, the answer washes up

Onto the shore of the brain.


The brain starts flowing again and the rest of the test,

Is Easy.

The test is completed and handed in.

Sighs of relief ring out,

into the air simultaneously.

The teacher breaks the ease and asks.

“Who forgot to put their name?”


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