“Well sir,” said a Lewiston man, “It is time that someone got busy to save the poor lobster and render him available to the poor man. As it is now only the rich can afford to eat lobster. Ten years ago the lobster fishermen sold their “green goods” for 10 cents apiece; today they are selling them for 25 cents apiece. Despite the fact that the government has spent large sums of money on lobster hatcheries along the Maine coast during the past eight years, the price of lobster has advanced 150 percent.”

50 years ago, 1958

The state of Israel is celebrating its 10th anniversary this week, both in this country and in the tiny Middle East nation which was born under auspices that appeared to guarantee its early extinction. As the British prepared to evacuate Palestine, soon after the end of World War II, it became apparent that for the first time in 20 centuries the Jews might have a national home, a bit of earth they could call their own,and a government which would represent and protect these stateless people. The creation, early survival and growth of Israel is an emotion-packed story that has excited the admiration of the Western world, at least. The Jewish people, however, can do no more than to rest a moment this week, to proudly scan what they have wrought and then push on toward new accomplishments.

25 years ago, 1983

• Maine home buyers, frozen out of the action by an extended bout of record-breaking interest rates, are flooding back into the housing market this year faster than the industry can supply homes to them. But with mortgage funds now floating near the “magic 12 percent” mark, housing is an active market again in Maine after three of what the State Planning Office has called the industry’s worst years since the Great Depression.

NEW YORK – Adele Simpson’s trademark soft, flowing dresses and Harriet Winter’s usual oddball collection of fringed ankle-length suits have taken on a sleek and sophisticated look for the fall.

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