I am shocked and saddened that President Bush signed an agreement (the Security and Prosperity Partnership) that will, I believe, absorb the United States, Canada and Mexico into a new Socialist nation called “North American Union” by 2010.

This is unconstitutional, a betrayal of his oath of office and death warrant to the sovereign United States, and our precious Constitution. Once we lose constitutional liberties, we will never get them back!

As Lou Dobbs said on CNN: “The North American Union is an absolute contravention of our law, of our constitution, every national valueIf not stopped, the plan for a North American Union will supplant the former independent states of Canada, Mexico and the United States. And that is not conjecture. The North American Union is official U.S. policy.”

I was also shocked to learn thousands of people from Texas and Minnesota might lose their homes through government abuse of “eminent domain” to make way for a 1,600-mile “NAFTA Superhighway” to fuel this “NAU” with foreign good and labor. Texas has already ordered a temporary halt to construction on the section within their state. Hooray for Texas!

This is grounds for President Bush’s immediate impeachment for treason. It is high time to get us out of the United Nations before our Constitution is annulled, our middle class is destroyed, and America is made into a third-world nation, as is already happening.

Robert Bruce Acheson, Dixfield

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