Why the need for another referendum on gay rights?

The adage “My mind is made up. Don’t confuse me with the facts,” seems to apply. Anyone looking at the facts will understand gender-orientation is not a chosen lifestyle, as some claim. They will realize it is hard-wired at birth.

Did anyone consciously choose to be heterosexual? I know that I did not.

Believe me, the dumbest kid in town would not get up one morning and proclaim, “Gee, I just love getting bullied, harrassed and beaten up by my classmates, family and friends. I think I’ll choose to become a homosexual.”

Why would anyone?

So why would anyone insist on denying my son his equality, civil rights and protection under the law? It makes no sense whatsoever. He is a law-abiding, hard-working, taxpaying American. Yet, by living his life truthfully as God created him to be, so-called Christians decide to keep him from his inalienable rights.


What are they afraid of?

He has never asked for special rights, only equal rights.

My son cannot change who or what he is, but bigots can change their mindset.

I hope and pray that people will see the light and call of this expensive procedure. The state cannot afford it. The homosexual community cannot afford to go back to living in fear of losing their jobs, apartments or legal protection.

The proposed referendum goes against the pledge of liberty and justice for all.

Barbara G. Underwood, Lisbon

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