Professional athletes have a strong influence on young people. They need to model three things: Responsibility is the first. They have to set a good example. If professional athletes use steroids to gain an edge, young people might think it is a good idea to use steroids.

Second, athletes should do the right thing. That means that the player should be training for the game instead of relying on steroids to be the best player. They should be concentrating on the team instead of just themselves. As the saying goes, “There is no I in team.” That means that not just one person is the best on the team, but the team can be the best if all do their best without cheating.

Third is self-respect. A player with self-respect will be happy about the way he is playing. If someone makes a bad choice, he should take responsibility. That shows self-respect.

Whatever players do is going to be viewed by the public. It is important that they set a good example for others, especially young people.

Joshua Conklin, Turner

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