Those of us who have opposed the Iraq war from the start, and who now call for Congress to stop funding it, may yet turn out to be the real patriots in the matter.

The war was a long time coming from many administrations, and might not have been avoided no matter who was in power. But things have changed dramatically since 2003.

Public opinion everywhere now seems to be solidly against the war, and many regard the coalition presence as an occupation now wholely responsible for continued conflict and merely delaying the ultimate resolution, which only the Iraqis themselves can determine – much as the Vietnamese alone could end that war after we were forced to leave and Congress refused further funding.

In addition, war and oil costs have increased far beyond all expectations, now threatening the financial health of this country, and that of future generations, as well.

Arguably, the administration has become hostage to a disastrously failed policy which was largely crafted by others, with the only way out seeming to be more of the same. Unless, that is, Congress comes to the rescue by refusing to fund the war any longer.

I urge representatives in Washington to do just that, without delay, so that America can come back home and attend to the many critical problems facing us, the world, and the planet at this critical point in history.

Paul Corrao, Lewiston

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