What is Babesiosis?: Babesiosis is a rare, severe tick-borne disease caused by various types of Babesia microscopic parasite that infects red blood cells.

Who gets it?: Babesiosis is seen most frequently in the elderly or in immunocompromised individuals. Cases of this disease have been primarily during spring, summer and fall in coastal areas.

How is babesiosis transmitted?: Babesiosis is transmitted by a bite of a infected tick tick and transmission can also occur of a transfusion of contaminated blood.

What are the symptoms of babesiosis?: The disease can cause fever, fatigue and hemolytic anemia lasting from several days to several months. Infections can occur without producing symptoms.

When do symptoms appear?: It may take from one to eight weeks, sometimes longer for symptoms to appear.

How to prevent babesiosis: Stay away from wooded and grassy areas and wear light colored clothing. After being outside check yourself for ticks. Just follow this and you should be safe.

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