The drama that occurs in middle school and high school, is usually blamed on the girls. Many girls will adamantly state that this is not true. While a lot of the drama does come from the girls, the boys are not exempt. This stereotype is, though I hate to admit it, frankly, mostly true, but like I said, the boys are involved. One of my past teachers once told me that if boys have a disagreement they will simply get in a fight. This is not the best course of action to take, even if it does simplify things quite a bit. The best course of action to take, in my book, is to confront the person directly and sort it out. but while I did say it is the best course of action to take, I did not say it always works. When confronted the person has three main options.

1: tell the truth

2: blame someone else

3: deny the whole thing

You may wonder how someone could possibly deny the whole thing but believe it or not, sometimes bullying isn’t that obvious. It could 6e a look, a whisper, sudden silence when you walk into a room. The bully’s intention is to make you feel isolated and alone. The more you feel that way, the less of a threat you are. The bully says and does things but the are not obvious, so if you told a teacher, the bully could just deny it.

The best you can do in middle school is get one or two friends you can really trust and stumble through each day.

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