ELLENSBURG, Wash. – Maine Kyokushin Karate Black Belt Kristen O’Connor traveled to compete in the seventh-annual United Kyokushin Karate Championship.

The Championship is a full contact karate championship which is a traditional karate championship that rules include no gloves or pads and full contact strikes. O’Connor fought in the female lightweight division (under 130 pounds) and finished first in her division, winning the female lightweight championship.

This is a single elimination tournament and can go to extensions if there is no clear winner in the first round.

O’Connor, who lives in Andover, won her matches decisively in the first round of each.

The next round of fights for Maine Kyokushin Karate is a semi contact (padded tournament) in Connecticut on June 7. O’Connor will be coaching the fighters there, including several children.

She is an instructor at Maine Kyokushin Karate which has dojos in Norway and a newly opened dojo in Lewiston at Fitness World at 770 Main Street.

For more information, contact Maine Kyokushin Karate at 743-8801.

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