• An advertisement: Good healthy flesh can only be gained by the use of the proper foods together with natural action of the organs of assimilation. Nine people out of 10 in order to weigh as much as they ought and be perfectly healthy should use Samose – the great flesh forming food and health restorer. Weigh yourself before commencing to use these little tablets, and see how your weight increases from week to week.

• W.H. Teague, registered druggist, corner of Ash and Park streets – Boys and girls, cut this advertisement and take it to W.H. Teague, druggist, with your name and address filled in the space below and you will receive in return a beautiful Mocking Bird Whistle. Free only upon the presentation of this advertisement.

50 years ago, 1958

• The contribution of a liberal arts education to a successful career is being recognized by business and industry management, Bates President Charles F. Phillips told a meeting of Kennebec Valley Bates alumni last night at Augusta. “Even in the field of business, the student with the liberal arts background is being sought,” said Dr. Phillips. A recent survey of company heads brought the conclusion that the straight liberal arts course provides the best preparation for a business career. “It is apparent that society has a growing appreciation of the young man or woman with a broad educational background and the ability to think. A liberal education seeks to develop such an individual,” said Phillips.

25 years ago, 1983

• The Auburn Health Department reported six cases of communicable diseases this week. Reported were four cases of chicken pox, one case of pediculosis and one case of tonsillitis.

• More than 2,000 varieties of candy are available to American consumers, but all of these confections stem from modifications of basic candy types: hard candies, creams, jellies and gums; marshmallows and nougats; fudges, toffees and caramels; panned candies; molded and boxed chocolate candies; and specialized candies like marzipan and licorice.

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