Lewiston-Auburn’s annual Spring Clean-Up has almost wrapped up this week.

It is a time of year when our tangible memories are laid out on the curb for all to see.

There are the relics of babies long grown, the ’80’s style boom box that probably doesn’t work any more, and the random ski boot.

There are blue children’s wading pools that will never again hear the splash and giggles of the kids that once loved them.

There are ugly couches and console televisions – minus the cords after enterprising scavengers have salvaged them for the valuable copper inside.

Then there are the toilets.

Generally in the same hue – white – but in various stages of disrepair. They grace the lawns and curbs everywhere from stately houses to tenements in downtown.

And to some, this time of year is like a garage sale where everything is on the free table.

But to Diane Desjardins of Lewiston, it was a time to let go.

Her 20 year-old television had finally given way.

She and her husband hauled it to the curb to sit alone, awaiting the garbage men.

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