Child abuse is a terrible thing, and it needs to be stopped. Parents who abuse their children are the problem. Not the children. The parents shouldn’t keep their child just because they need something to take their anger out on.

I think that if any child abuse is suspected at all, someone needs to speak up. If that person doesn’t, the children will keep being abused. Don’t be afraid to report any child abuse. By calling the police, it could be saving a child’s life. I think that once the abuse is reported, police need to investigate whether there is proof of abuse. If there is any trace of it at all, the child should be placed with a responsible and trusted adult until the matter is settled.

In an article on the Web site for the Tennyson Center for Children, it said that most children experience post-traumatic stress disorder after being abused. Also on the Web site for the Tennyson Center for Children, it said that about 75 percent of deaths due to child abuse are children four years old or younger.

Parents need to know that parenting takes patience. Parents need to take time to teach their children right from wrong, not just yell at them if they don’t do it right. Most of the time, the children may not even know what they are doing is wrong.

Child abuse is wrong, and there is no excuse for what is happening to these children.

Ashley Pelletier

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