Eight years ago, the court system of the United States awarded the office of president to George W. Bush, rather than having a Florida recount that would have been the fair and proper thing to do.

With that gift in hand, Bush and Vice President Cheney should have been all set to convince the citizens why they should elect a compassionate conservative.

The southern religious right was the main reason Bush received a second term. Their deceptive propaganda will try to convince people that a compassionate conservative is more trustworthy, honest and patriotic, therefore, don’t ever vote for a liberal Democrat or independent, who would not possess those qualities.

But here is a partial list of Bush-Cheney, and now John McCain, compassionate conservative accomplishments: The Twin Tower bombings on this watch; fabrication of reasons to invade Iraq; outsourcing of jobs; no national health care; highest oil/gas prices ever; disastrous mortgage rate increases and foreclosures; a total wipeout of the nation’s active military and standby forces’ readiness due to overextended deployment; and a negative administration rating that is the worst ever.

Arnold G. Farr, Norway

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