Many people in America struggle with eating disorders. The most common are anorexia and bulimia. Most people develop their eating disorders between ages 13 and 17. That’s horrible!

Doctors think people develop eating disorders because they are going through puberty, and peer pressure that comes from seeing thin models and stars. It’s not only woman who have these eating disorders; men can have them, too. We should be more careful on how we judge people.

I am concerned about people who have eating disorders. They need to know that it is OK if teens aren’t thin. It doesn’t matter what teens look like on the outside. What counts is what is on the inside. But teens won’t stop having these issues because they see that people pick on people if they aren’t thin.

Our society needs to stop being so critical so our teens can be healthy. So what if teens or adults are bigger than a size 10. Most of the people who have eating disorders are underweight before they develop their disorders. A way to help the teens who do this is to have some bigger models.

When a person has an eating disorder they should talk to a parent, teacher, neighbor or a person that they trust. I am asking that our society watch what we say and be concerned about our teens’ health. They are the ones who will be in charge of the future.

Chantel Poland

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