Some people think that is the most evil place to chat on the Internet. They are wrong because on Myspace teens don’t have to give out all their information, such as their school, age and where they live. Plus the teens usually don’t add people that they don’t know. They can add bands that they like and get music from them, comedians that make teens laugh and, of course, the people they know – friends and family!

Myspace is just another way to talk to friends, just like AIM. Plus, on the profile, teens can add a chat room, videos, and pictures of really anything. People can add comments to other people’s profiles. Teens can block people too, if they keep trying to talk, add, or make fun of someone. If someone harasses another person online they might get “banned” from that Web site.

Most young adults create a Myspace account without asking their parents, but some parents don’t even care. So I hope this is going to help people see that Myspace isn’t bad, but teens and parents need to use common sense when using Myspace!

Dominique Croteau

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