LEWISTON -Singer/songwriter Christian Cuff of Bath, who plays and writes folk/Americana, will perform Friday, May 16, at She Doesn’t Like Guthries. Performing with him will be cellist Allison Caine of Bates College.

After touring through 40 cities in the United States as well as in Canada and Europe, Cuff began recording his album, “Silo” at Rocking Horse Studio in Pittsfield N.H. Brian Coombes, who has worked with such artists as Godsmack’s guitarist Tony Rombola, produced the album. A total of 22 musicians from all over the world perform on “Silo,” which, Cuff said, “is the incarnation of something I was getting over … and that I’m still not over yet.”

Inspiration for the album came from an old silo he saw in Florida. He walked by it every day for a month, wondering who it belonged to and what was in it, and letting his imagination run wild.

Finally, he climbed inside to see what was there. He found nothing, just a rusty old silo with a hole in it and a few strands of hay. Months later, he realized that a relationship of his was much like the silo. “Just because it is all sealed up doesn’t mean that there is some kind of treasure in there, it could be sealed up for nothing, just against the wind,” Cuff said.

The entire album is a timeline of that relationship and a confession to himself about the mistakes he made along the way. His songs are candid. The album is melancholy but his show is not. It is half storytelling and bantering back and forth with other musicians. The songs are intense but there is lots of joking around and lightheartedness during the show.

For a sample of Cuff’s music, log on to www.myspace.com/christiancuff or www.youtube .com/christiancuff.

There is no cover for the May 16 show at Guthries, 115 Middle St. For more information, call 376-3344 or visit myspace.com/guthriesplace.

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