The sweat dripping down my face

With the sun’s steaming rays reflecting off my shirt.

I stood in a line of girls waiting for my turn.

The line moved quickly and soon I was up,

I grasped the javelin tightly in my fist

Ran a couple steps,

And launched it into the air.

From the sidelines Brittany stood

Crossing her fingers and biting her lip,

Hoping it wouldn’t cross the 110′ 10″ mark.

The anticipation killed me!

I had to know the distance it flew.

Time passed slowly, it seemed like forever!

Then my mother shouted 111′ 10″!

I leaped in excitement!

I had beaten my sister’s state record.

My happiness was soon to be destroyed–

My twin was at the line ready to throw.

The second the javelin left her hand, everyone knew

It was soaring

It was going pass my mark.

I no longer had 1st place or the record

My twin sister did, with 115′ 2″

I was to finish in 2nd place.

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