This is response to an article that appeared May 5, “Drive targets tax on alcohol, soda.”

What is the problem? I agree that the tax on soda is an outrage, but I’m fine with taxing beer and wine. The higher the tax the better.

Some bottles of soda already cost more then some bottles of beer. Is that logical?

Alcohol is a killer. It destroys families, promotes crime and violence. Alcohol also destroys a person’s health and kills brain cells. Visiting an emergency room on a Friday or Saturday night would provide plenty of examples of the damage caused by alcohol.

People say that drinking beer and wine won’t hurt them because they don’t drink hard liquor. Wrong. Check out the amount of alcohol in different beverages.

I read a couple of years ago that if alcohol just came out, it would be illegal. I wish it was.

So yes, tax it, tax it, tax it.

Karen Raymond, New Vineyard

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