LEWISTON – Lewiston High School athlete Jonathan Roy has received one of 12 awards of $1,100 from the Maine State Golf Association Scholarship Fund Committee for the 2008-09 school year. The MSGA scholarship is renewable on good academic standing for a maximum of four years of undergraduate study.

The MSGA Scholarship Fund has existed since 1950 and is intended for Maine students of good character who show an active participation in golf as a player or employee, with demonstrated financial need and a record of academic achievement. The MSGA commits over $40,000 each year to scholarships.

Roy is the son of Normand and Diane Roy.

Joining Roy as recipients are: Gavin Cote, Dexter, son of Thomas and Valerie Cote, Ithaca College; Cody Berkowitz, Saco, son of Robert Berkowitz, University of Southern Maine; Kyle Norweg, Norridgewock, son of Kurt and Beth Norweg, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University; Robert Toothaker, Dyer Brook, son of Timothy and Linda Toothaker, Eastern Maine Community College; Matthew Enman, Limestone, son of Ryan Enman and Judy Dombroski, Central Maine Community College; Michael Hersey, Presque Isle, son of Dr. Merrill and Dianne Hersey, University of Maine; Adrian Bouthot, Hanover, son of Bernard Bouthot of Portland and Danielle Smith Bruce of Hanover, St. Lawrence University; Nathan Adams, Frankfort, son of Richard and Tammy Adams, Florida Southern; Ryan Billings, Topsham, son of Jeanne Billings of Topsham and Gerald Billings of Brunswick, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University; Jennifer Doiron, Brewer, daughter of Edward and Patricia Doiron; Taylor Quint, Hodgdon, daughter of Olin and Tracey Quint.

Norweg also received the Dr. John Winchenbach Award, a one-time only award of $500 as the MSGA Scholar with the highest academic score. In addition, Whitney Hand of Bucksport, daughter of Lynn and Wayne Hand, will receive a one-time only Golf Recognition Award of $500 in acknowledgement of her many contributions to the game of golf. She attends Husson College.

Prospect Hill

AUBURN – Holy Family Golf League, May 20: Team standings, Royals 36, ProStaff 34, Pinnacle 26, Titleist 21, K28 18. Low Gross, A Flight, Roger Dupre/Chuck Drinkwater 37; B, L.P. Couture/Alex Turcotte/Priscilla Raymond 44; C, Norm Cusson 44; D, Norm Anctil 53. Pin, No. 9, Roger Dupre 2-0; No. 3, Alex Turcotte 14 inches. 50/50, Norm Cusson. Next week, Team 1 vs. 5, 2 vs. 4, 3 vs. card.

Agren Appliance League: Team standings after week 3, Thongsavanh/Chouinard 39, Maheux/Boulet 36.5, Good/Miller 34.5, Saucier/Saucier 31, Pray/Feeley 30, Bilodeau/Landry 28, Long/Saucier 28, Duchette/Vaughan 27.5, Crowell/Warner 26, Lessard/Bureau 25.5, Rosen/Dennison 25, Scott/Mathews 24.5, Morgan/Jones 22, Sirois/Melaragno 21, Hewins/Knowlton 20, Lessard.Moon 13.5. Pins, P. Warner 4-7, N. Pray 7-1. Low gross, P. Good 41; Low net, P. Good 29.

Fox Ridge

AUBURN – Tuesday Twilight League: Team standings, Six 34.5, Ten 34, Five 32.5, Nine 32, Two 30.5, Three 28.5, Eight 28, Seven 27.5, One 26.5, Four 26. Low rounds, A, Jace Pearson 35; B, Mike Blais 40; C, Bruce Hunter 43; D, Marcel Brissette 49. Pins, A/B, Jace Pearson 6-1; C/D, Bruce Hunter 4-4 1/2. 50/50, Jim Morin.


LEEDS – Senior Point Quota, May 21: Ken McAuliffe 11, Larry Langelier 9, Norm Boulanger 8, Bob Cochran 5, Aaron Burke 4, Ray Marcotte 4, Dennis Purington 4.

The Meadows

LITCHFIELD – Tuesday Points League: A Flight, John Desmarais 10, Kevin Fletcher 7, Tony Cyr 5, Jim Daigle 5; B, Dan Pelletier 6, Moe Vachon 2, Tom Cyr 1, Dick Gower 1; C, Marc Berube 6, Steve Morin 5, Ron Pinard -1; D, Rob Merrill 10, Dennis Carney 9, Keith Martin 2. Pins, No. 15, Jim Daigle 19-2; No. 17, Daigle 7-2. Raffle winner, Jon Lizotte.


POLAND – Seniors, points: Dick Boucher/Reggie Rawls/Ray Leclair/Paul Dumont 144, Marcel Mathieu/Bob Sherburne/Ron Nadeau/Bob Metz 140. Pins, No. 11, Marcel Mathieu 19-4 1/2, Burney Burnell 20-0 3/4; No. 13, Mathieu 18-4 1/2, Paul Dumont 43-2.


KENNEBUNK – Maine State Golf Association, May 16-17: Flight I, Gross, Ryan Gay 66, Tyler MacPhie 68, Jim McKay 70, Matt Greenleaf 70, Jason K. Harris 71, Joseph Alvarez 71, Keith Patterson 71; Net, Robbie Lee 67, Al St. Pierre 67, Bob Calcagni 67, Eric Hayward 67, Tobey Buteau 68, Seth Stetson 68, Tim Downing 68. Flight II, Gross, Kevin Lee 76, Greg McCormack 76, Dick McLain 76, Scott Jones 76, Trent Murphy 76, Tom Donovan 77, Mark Stevens 77; Net, Clifford Larlee 65, George Boone 66, Leon Lindquist 67, Jon Ray 68, Shawn Casey 68, Marty Duffy 68, Dave Demers 68. Flight III, Gross, Ken Luce 80, Tom Thompson 80, Wayne Newbegin 82, Scott Cochran 82, Terry Landry 83, Tom Kimball 84, Pat Kelleher 84; Net, Rick McCann 65, Charlie Witonis 65, Darrell Smith 66, Dave Garland 67, Paul Bonneau 67, Dan Charron 67, Jim Hatch 67. Super Seniors, Gross, Terry MacMillan 75, Lowell Watson 75, Al Bouchard 75; Net, Vic Nunan 69, David Stimson 70, Neil Stinneford 70. Team, Gross, Jason Harris/Jason K. Harris/Jeff Harris/Ryan Gay 60, Scott Dewitt/Tom Bean/Bob Calcagni/Lowell Watson 60, Terry MacMillan/Kevin Lee/Robbie Lee/Jim McKay 61, Shawn McKague/Gary Manoogian/Tim Mariano/Matt Greenleaf 62; Net, Ray Ross/Jim Hatch/Ted Jala/Scott Cochran 51, Cy Thompson/Ken Luce/Dick McCann/Rick McCann 52, Doug Self’Tom Ellsworth/Steve Lycette/Jim Merritt 57, Paul Pinette/Matt Gallagher/Brad Leach/Paul Bonneau 57, Jeff Wintle/Dave Garland/Ed Juhl/Michael Dumais 57, Tim Hewitt/Eric Fowle/Ashley Fifield/Tobey Buteau 58. Skins, Flight I, Gross, John Roberts, Matt Gallagher 2, Tyler MacPhie, Nick Conner; Net, Ross Winter, Bob Mathieu. Flight II, Gross, Tom Thompson, Ryan Gay. Gordon Ross, Jim McKay, Chris Hayward, Ray Ross; Net, Jim Hatch, Don Sedor, Pat Kelleher, Bill Holmes, Jim Hatch. Pins, Friday, Jim Semple, Rafael Barajas, Tyler MacPhie, Zac Sciar, Matt Greenleaf; Saturday, Jay Burrell, Doug Self, Todd Nevins, Geoff Bouchard, Trent Murphy.

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