SAINT PETERSBURG, RUSSIA – Local artist Susan Roux and photographer Michael McAllister will be exhibiting works in Saint Petersburg, Russia, from May 30 to June 8. The exhibition, titled “MAINE-ly Nature,” will be a collection of quiet corners of beauty to vast panoramic views. Together they will bring a glimpse of New England to the Russian people, for many would never get the opportunity to travel here.

An invitation from Stas Borodin, a Russian Master Oil Painter specializing in contemporary impressionism, has brought about this amazing opportunity. Their works will be on display at the Artists’ Union Exhibition Center, the largest exhibition space in Saint Petersburg.

Susan Roux, known for her colorful, emotional, representational oil paintings, will exhibit landscapes and seascapes. Her focus will be primarily on floral scenes and people on the beach. Roux will display large studio works and small plein air pieces. She is drawn to calm, serene scenes and captures them through light and shadow to reveal its often-overlooked beauty.

Michael McAllister will exhibit black and white photographs, which play on contrast to create captivating images. His technique has evolved through study and careful attention to detail, to become uniquely his own. McAllister is an avid hiker and has hiked throughout the United States. He enjoys capturing the unusual, often close-ups of nature that can only be seen by venturing out into the woods. He also enjoys ocean scenes and is best known for his photographs of Maine’s own rock band, Sparks the Rescue.

Following their exhibit in Russia, Roux and McAllister will continue to France where they will meet with the international French artist, Martine-Alison. They are arranging appointments with Paris galleries to view their works. Both hope to return to Europe to exhibit in the future.

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