ALTON, Ill. – Belief in the theory that the last object seen by a murdered person may be fixed as a photographed negative on the retina, caused coroner Streeper to have a photograph taken today of one of the eyes of a woman, whose body, with the neck broken, was taken on Thursday from the Mississippi river, and who, it is thought, was murdered and thrown into the river. The developed photograph, the coroner says, shows a faint outline of the face of a man, with hooked nose, bearded cheeks and bald scalp. The coroner says he will try to find a possible murderer by the use of this photograph.

50 years ago, 1958

An eighteen year-old Edward Little High School senior went for a walk last night and ended up in the hands of the Auburn police. The police took issue with the lad when he picked the railing along the North Bridge as the sight of his stroll. Patrolman Maurice Morin halted the youth, who was taken to Auburn police station. Sgt. Donald R. Delisle and patrolman William Hunter had a heart-to-heart with the high-schooler before he was sent on his way. He was informed of the dangers of such escapades.

25 years ago, 1983

• AUGUSTA – After specialists determined that the state was inadequately checking X-ray equipment, a bill requiring the radiation sources to be inspected and calibrated periodically has been signed by Gov. Joseph E. Brennan. The bill is intended to protect people receiving X-rays from being over-exposed to radiation.

• TOPEKA, Kan. – Former Republican presidential nominee Alf Landon was resting comfortably Sunday in a Topeka hospital after breaking his right hip in a fall. Landon, 95, was in satisfactory condition and scheduled to have surgery at 9 a.m. Monday to have two or three pins placed in his hip.

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