This letter is reference to a front-page story May 27, “City unlinks mayor’s page.”

The city elected seven council members and one mayor. The more I listen to the city council meetings, the more it appears to me that one person is making all the decisions – namely, Tom Peters.

He recently took it upon himself to return all the money back into the general fund that had been appropriated for different projects, including money for the maintainance and repair of the city park. Now some parts of the city park have been closed to the area children as it is considered unsafe.

His latest endeavor was to have a link removed from the mayor’s home page. There was no mention of him discussing this with other council members. He just told the city manager to remove it.

Peters should be reminded that he was elected to represent Ward 1. He does not, by himself, represent the city of Lewiston nor the city manager.

Joseph Roy, Lewiston

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