With sewing becoming the new knitting, quilting is sure to follow in popularity. “The Quilter’s Catalog” (Workman Publishing, $18.95) by Meg Cox, is a one-stop shop.

The first part of the book includes an extensive history of quilting. I was marveling at the journalistic qualities of the author’s writing until I read on the publisher’s Web site that Cox was a reporter for The Wall Street Journal for 17 years. Mystery solved!

Even though I tried and gave up quilting years ago, this book makes me want to give it another go. And it’s good timing, it seems, too. Quilting and sewing are having a renaissance of sorts. The book addresses this and delves into extreme detail on the tools available now that make quilting easier, where to go to find fabrics, terms to know and so on. It’s “everything you ever wanted to know about quilting, but were afraid to ask.”

My only complaint is once you get past the colorful cover, the interior images are black-and-white. While Cox tries to make up for this with her descriptive writing, you still may find yourself seeking out images of the masterpieces in other resources. But for an introduction to this classic craft, this is a great place to start.

“The Quilter’s Catalog” is in bookstores now.

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