Two interesting meetings of the Auburn and Lewiston Reform Club were held Sunday. Jonas Edwards was the principal speaker in the afternoon. At both meetings 20 young men of the two cities signed the pledge. The club is in a good financial condition and is doing it’s work helping the cause of temperance.

• While walking on lower Lisbon street late one night recently, Truant Officer Michael R. Dunn of College Street was attacked by persons unknown to the police, knocked down and beaten into insensibility. He was taken to a nearby house and was soon able to return home. Police are working on the case and an arrest is expected soon.

50 years ago, 1958

STROMBOLI, ITALY – The volcano on this little cone-shaped island off the north coast of Cicily poured out a stream of lava Sunday. It ran down the mountainside and sizzled into the sea.The eruption began Saturday night, providing a fiery spectacle for scores of tourists, but causing no immediate alarm in the island’s two little fishing villages. The lava stream was a mile or more from the nearest. Stromboli erupts once or twice a year, but has caused no casualties in recent times.

25 years ago, 1983

Will electronic mail overtake regular, hard-copy mail – the familiar letters and cards now delivered to our homes by men and women in those long-standardized uniforms? Debate is intensifying in Washington about whether the Postal Service should move aggressively into the brave new world of technology, perhaps in exchange for it’s monopoly privilege on first-class mail. Many in the administration suggest the time has come for major changes in the way the Postal Service does business. Electronic mailing is facing a boom, its proponents say – although this still lies well in the future and is by no means a certainty.

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