As I went to place to my “Vote Democrat” bumper sticker on my car, I stopped and wondered if every candidate with a “D” next to their name truly represents what I think the Democratic Party is about.

My Democratic Party seeks a world in which all people have equal rights and equal opportunity to succeed. Democrats seek a society that encourages the free exchange of ideas, a transparent government, and a world where everyone is encouraged to search for their own true meaning.

On June 10, Democrats in Lewiston will have the opportunity to choose between three candidates for the Maine State Senate. One candidate is Paul Madore, the person who for years has succeeded at spreading bigoted, homophobic hatred. As part of the Maine Grassroots Coalition and tied to the puppet strings of Michael Heath and the Christian Civic League, he has fought to take away the rights of Mainers. In 2005, he opposed the introduction of sexual orientation in Maine civil rights laws – hardly the ideals of the Democratic Party.

Madore does not represent the views of my Democratic Party. He does, however, have the right to speak his mind, have his own beliefs and live his life how he wishes (rights he doesn’t feel are worthy of all Mainers).

Unfortunately, he also has the right to call himself a Democrat. Fortunately, I have faith that true Democrats won’t be fooled. Not voting for Madore will help our party support equal rights for everyone.

Will Fessenden, Sabattus

Chairman, Androscoggin County Democratic Committee

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