A well-known dressmaker has a beautiful Angora goat which she takes around with her as many people do their dogs. She goes calling on her friends, so does the goat who is said to be well behaved and very proud of his position.

• Notwithstanding the action of the Lewiston and Auburn Merchants’ Association in voting not to close their stores on Wednesday afternoon, some of the Lewiston stores continued the practice adopted last season, and were closed yesterday afternoon. It is understood that the clerks will ask the Merchants’ Association to reconsider their vote and close the stores Wednesday afternoons during July and August.

50 years ago, 1958

Told he’s ready to give up his part-time duties and take over all the responsibilities of the office, Lewiston’s Board of Health and Welfare yesterday afternoon put Health Officer Robert J. Wiseman back to work full time and gave him back his regular $107 weekly salary.

LITTLETON, N.H. – A new R.M. radio station has received the go-ahead from the Federal Communications Committee to begin testing immediately. The station will transmit from atop Mt. Washington and will have the widest coverage area of any F.M. station in the country. The station’s signal would be received in almost all of northern New England, plus areas in eastern New York and southern Quebec. It will operate on 94.9 kilocycles.

25 years ago, 1983

The Brennan administration’s proposal to group the state’s development agencies under one umbrella as the Finance Authority of Maine has gained the unanimous approval of the State Government Committee.

AUGUSTA – Revised fees for hunting and fishing licenses and a directive to fill 11 vacancies in the state’s warden force are elements of a bill which the Fisheries and Wildlife Committee has unanimously supported. Committee members have given an “ought to pass” report to the message which will raise an additional $2,056,619 for the department. The Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife now has 115 wardens but its authorized strength is 126.

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