The United States Weather Bureau has denied that the coming of the equinox brings with it a storm. The belief, it says, that the old-fashioned people put in this theory is all misplaced. Any big storm that happens to occur within a week or two of the time that the sun is crossing the line, say the weathermen, is dignified by the name of “equinoctial storm,” when, as a matter of fact, there is generally some atmospheric disturbance every week or two, and those that occur about the time of the equinox are just taking their turn and are not the result of the crossing of the sun.

50 years ago, 1958

CINCINNATI – The National League, starting its player of the month awards, will have to give two trophies for May: one to Stan Musial of the St. Louis Cardinals and one to Willie Mays of the San Francisco Giants. Musial and Mays finished in a tie in the balloting among 39 sports writers and broadcasters who cover the National League teams daily.

25 years ago, 1983

Something about Maine once attracted many people of English origin, based on statistics from a U.S. Department of Commerce report that shows in 1980 more Mainers claimed to be of that ancestry than any other. Of information collected from the 1980 census, 259,519 Mainers claimed an English lineage, with the next largest ancestry being 147,058 residents who reported a European French origin, according to the report.

• Cynthia J. Rydholm of Auburn, president and treasurer of Seltzer and Rydholm Inc. in Auburn, has been named honorary chairman of Central Maine Medical Center’s $1-million fund-raising drive for its new cancer-treatment center. Completed this spring, the center is equipped with a linear accelerator, simulator and treatment planning computer – three of the most modern tools available to treat cancer. The center is also optimally designed to segregate activities that give patients special privacy.

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