Paul Madore says that he is running to fight for working families. But where has he been in all the recent fights for working families?

Mainers band together, and the Keep ME Warm program is a great example. Keep ME Warm is a program that allows Mainers to donate time to raise money for heating oil for those who need it. That is important, now more than ever.

Two years ago, though, Madore protested a Keep ME Warm fundraiser.

Why would a so-called advocate for working families be protesting a fundraiser to help people with basic heating costs for their homes? Well, the two sponsors had political beliefs that were different from Madore’s.

I think the pressing need to keep Mainers from freezing through the winters outweighs whatever gripe Madore might have with the event’s sponsors.

If he wins in June, and then in November, who will he work for? His own interests, or those of Lewiston families?

I think Lewiston needs a senator who is going to stand up for what is right, not one who is known for acting on petty differences just to make a point.

Kate Brennan, Lewiston

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