For more than 20 years, state Senate hopeful Paul Madore has worked tirelessly. Not for jobs or affordable health care, or lower energy costs, or better schools for our children, or cleaner air and water.

No. For the past 20 years, he has worked to advance a singular agenda: attacking those who disagree with him, and promoting his own set of highly divisive ideas.

Now, he is trying to distance himself from that record of non-accomplishment. But it’s too late. Lewiston voters know the real Paul Madore.

His only achievements, if they can be called that, involve his attacks on what he describes as “special interests” in Maine. Of course, he has taken it upon himself to define those “special interests” as anyone whose religious beliefs, political opinions or sexual orientation aren’t exactly like his.

With all that needs to be done in this city, and elsewhere in the state, we cannot afford to send a man to Augusta so that he may have a bigger platform for his personal biases and vendettas. Time and again, he has proven himself incapable of making Maine families, not Paul Madore, his top priority.

Lewiston voters have wisely denied him a Senate seat in four elections so far. I hope voters will once again see the situation clearly and vote in the community’s best interest.

Although Paul Madore has changed his party affiliation, he hasn’t changed his tune.

Lillian LaFontaine O’Brien, Lewiston

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