Three Christmases ago, a doctor told my family there was nothing more that could be done. I had suffered a major heart failure and was in a coma. The doctor placed me in comfort care where I could die peacefully.

My daughter was distraught when she saw me without oxygen or hydration. Her husband, Paul Madore, called the doctor and insisted I be hydrated and given oxygen. The doctor said that would prolong my death, to which Paul answered, “I may be prolonging her life.”

He enlisted another doctor, and oxygen and hydration were reinstated.

Three days later, on Christmas Eve, I came out of that coma and, after rehabilitation, was able to go home.

I would not be here if not for my son-in-law, Paul Madore.

A vote for him is a vote for someone who cares and never gives up – a vote for life.

Gabrielle Labrecque, Lewiston

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