Break out your heavy duty pot holder and extra long tongs – it’s grilling season. And, here’s a bit of grilling trivia:

1. Weber’s Kettle grill was first sold in what year?

A. 1942

B. 1948

C. 1952

D. 1962

2. What style of cooking involves an indirect form of grilling, using clay urns heated up to 800 degrees with wood or charcoal?

A. Tandoori

B. Tagine

C. Thai

D. Tapas

3. From what country does jerk-style barbecue hail from?

A. Chile

B. Brazil

C. Argentina

D. Jamaica

4. A direct heat grilling method should be used when cooking the following:

A. Foods that take less than 25 minutes to cook.

B. Foods that take more than 25 minutes to cook.

C. The thickest steak you can buy.

D. Ribs, roasts or leg of lamb.

5. When grilling poultry, how can you tell when it’s done (and won’t make you sick)?

A. The meat feels springy when pressed.

B. When the thickest part is cut into, it’s juicy; the juices are clear, not reddish.

C. A quick-read thermometer is your best bet; it should read 165 degrees.

D. All of the above.


1. C. The post-World War II invention was a business gamble at the time.

2. A. Though India is most commonly associated with Tandoori, you’ll also see the method used in the Middle East.

3. D. Jerk is traditionally cooked on a temporary grill made of sticks cut from the Allspice tree.

4. A. Direct heat works best for quick-cooking food; grilling over indirect heat is similar to roasting.

5. D. A and B are the best ways to know if you don’t have a thermometer handy.


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