ANDOVER – Voters at a special town meeting Saturday agreed to enter a second 10-year contract with Med-Care Ambulance Service and to raise $14,000 for ambulance service, cemetery fencing and the town hall roof.

The 126 voters:

• approved $4,000 for Med-Care coverage from June 7 through the end of the year;

• voted to add $5,000 to the Town Hall Improvement and Maintenance Fund account balance of $13,020. It will cost more than $30,000 to replace the roof, said Board of Selectmen Chairman Jeff Rainey;

• agreed to raise $5,000 to restore 30 sections and five gates of the Woodlawn Cemetery fence, but reduced to zero a request to raise $1,000 to buy trees to plant in the Andover Common.

• amended a March town meeting article to replace 810 feet of sidewalk with new concrete on South Main Street. After defeating Rainey’s amended motion to use asphalt by a 44-31 tally, a majority agreed to go with concrete with the $8,200 approved at town meeting in March.

• formed a Budget Committee and a new Landscaping Committee to look for grants and other funding for future tree projects and to determine which trees on the Common are rotten and need to be replaced.

• appointed Richard Merrill, Dianne Cutting, David Percival, Freeman Farrington, Donna Libby, Todd Papianou and Judy Tabb to the Budget Committee;

• appointed Dianne Cutting, Elissa Thibodeau, Jackie Gammon, Marshall Meisner and Claire Sessions to the Landscaping Committee.

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