I think children should stop spending most of their time online and start living in the real world, like normal kids.

If children are always online, they won’t be able to experience the real world. Also, if kids are always online they won’t have time to exercise. That will lead to more obese children.

Before these virtual worlds existed, kids used their imaginations to have fun. They would run around pretending to be fairies or build a fort to play in.

But now, adults are using their imaginations for them. Kids don’t even need to think about making up a story for their fairies, it’s already made for them online.

The next generation might not even have an original thought if others keep thinking for them.

One of the worst parts about these sites is that not knowing who you are talking to. Child predators lurk these sites waiting for an unsuspecting kid to give out all of their personal information.

If parents don’t inform and monitor their kids online, any one of them is at risk.

There are postive aspects to using the Internet. Children become more familiar with computers and how they work. It also helps give confidence to kids who might not be the most popular in school, because they now have friends online.

I do think parents need to make sure that children also have lives away from the computer.

Kids should have the time to be a kid, instead of wasting away their childhood.

Melissa Ulin

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