This is in response to a Sun Journal story that the Supreme Court may be considering a ban on guns.

I strongly disagree.

The Second Amendment says people have the right to bear arms, and I think that we should keep this in effect, just so that we can be the nation that we say we are.

Also, I think that a gun ban should not be passed because we have the right, and the need, to defend ourselves and our families, when the need is present.

Along with the Second Amendment, I think that owning guns is an individual right, and I think that we ought to be able to own guns if we so choose.

There is another side to this. I think that a gun ban might help stop gun-violence in general, and it might also help prevent threatening and violence at the schools and universities.

But even though there might be good reasons for a gun ban, I still say that a gun ban should not be passed. There may be other reasons for or against a gun ban, but I think that the reasons I listed are the important reasons, and they should be paid attention to.

Marie Frechette

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