Baron Ladislaus Hengelmuller von Hengervar, the ambassador to this country from Austria-Hungary, and Baroness Hengelmuller were among the arrivals at Bar Harbor Saturday. They went on to the Teviot cottage on Kebo Street, which they have taken for the summer. They have not been at Bar Harbor for several seasons, and as they have been leaders in society, they will be welcomed back.

• The East Hebron Telephone Company had a hearing before the selectmen of Minot Saturday afternoon on the petition of this company for right-of-way to erect poles and string wires and cables. The rights were granted.

50 years ago, 1958

MIDDLETOWN, CONN.- Canadian Prime Minister John Diefenbaker proposed Sunday the establishment of a NATO food bank as one way to improve Canadian-United States economic relations.

He said the plan would serve the dual purpose of helping dispose of food surpluses and making strategic food reserves available in the event of war.

Deifenbaker made the proposal in an address at Wesleyan University’s 126th commencement. He told the 173 graduating seniors that the food bank proposal was one of four parts of an “imaginative policy that could improve Canadian-United States economic relations.”

• Sam Wise of 146 Sabattus St. is identified as the latest victim of the flashlight wielding marauder who has been in many homes and stolen hundreds of dollars in the past few weeks. Wise, who had a visit from the prowler early Wednesday morning, scared the person out of his home by reaching for a baseball bat and by hollering.

25 years ago, 1983

PORTLAND – Starting next month, dog owners will be required to have clean-up utensils handy when they take their pets for a walk in Maine’s largest city. After nearly two hours of debate, the Portland City Council voted 5-3 Wednesday night to adopt a “pooper-scooper” law. The ordinance requires anyone with a dog to pick up the pet’s excrement from any public property or be subject to a $50 fine.

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