AUGUSTA (AP) – Unlike the Primary Day voting for Congress, being well-known didn’t always guarantee success in Tuesday’s nomination contests for the Legislature. But mostly it helped, according to unofficial returns.

Veteran Democratic lawmaker Anne Rand lost a bid for a party nod in Senate District 8 in Portland, finishing second in a three-way race behind victor Justin Alfond, the former head of the League of Young Voters.

In House District 71 in Lewiston, ex-police chief and Mayor Larry Gilbert was defeated in a Democratic primary by former city fire chief Michel Lajoie.

Another Lewiston contest in Senate District 16 gave state Rep. Margaret Craven a win over state Rep. Elaine Makas and conservative activist Paul Madore.

In Senate District 7, state Rep. Lawrence Bliss of South Portland beat former legislator Edward Kelleher who served in the House from Bangor but now lives in Scarborough.

In all, two dozen primary elections to award party nominations for the state House or Senate were held in various parts of the state.

There were six Senate contests, all involving Democrats, and 18 House face-offs – 10 pitting Democrats against one another and eight matching up Republican nomination rivals.

Only one incumbent legislator faced intraparty opposition: Democratic Rep. Edward Finch of Fairfield bested former House Democrat Paul Tessier of Fairfield in House District 84.

In the current Legislature, which expires in December, Democrats hold 90 seats in the 151-member House, leaving Republicans with 59. There are two House independents. In the Senate, Democrats hold a 19-16 edge over Republicans due to a temporary GOP defection.

To date, both major parties have fielded candidates for all 35 Senate districts. On the House side, Democrats have left only one district without a candidate while the Republican line is blank for 11 House seats.

A third recognized party, the Maine Greens, has three candidates in state Senate races and 10 in races for the House, according to filings with the Secretary of State.

Post-primary withdrawals are still possible. A candidate nominated by a party at the primary election may withdraw by July 14 in order to be replaced. The replacement deadline for the party is July 28.

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