This is in response to Eglantine Fillion’s letter (June 6) that was critical of my letter of May 10.

Yes, I am a Republican, concerned about how people’s tax dollars are spent and how much people are taxed. The Democrat Party in Maine is not concerned, although to be elected, they say they are. Actions speak louder than words.

People should check costs against neighboring states, then ask: Why is Maine so high on taxes and low on attractiveness to new industry? The answer is the policies of the majority Maine Democrats.

This state is geographically disadvantaged for national commerce. It also has a climate that is unacceptable to many people for much of the year. The long winters are expensive. The cost of living is high.

Those factors, combined with high taxes, suffocating business regulations, a burdensome welfare population and expensive electrical costs, are not incentives for businesses to locate here.

Legislative action can change a great deal of that climate of disincentives, but the Democrats don’t get it.

When businesses come, they bring jobs for Maine people, and state tax revenues increase. That is the way to fund state costs, not by continuing to raise taxes on those people already here.

Don’t confuse Maine Republicans with those at the national level. We don’t act the same.

I am grateful to President Bush for keeping the nation safe from further terrorist attacks.

Thomas F. Shields, Auburn

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