As the result of some very effective work in planting young lobsters by the United States Fish Commission, the lobster beds in Maine and along the northern New England coast are now showing very profitable returns and the crustaceans are accordingly getting well within reach of the ordinary pocketbook.

• The first shipment of the large monument which is to be erected in front of the State House in Boston, was sent out Monday from the Lewiston Monumental Works. The base and a chair of granite were built here and a bronze statue of Gov. Nathaniel P. Banks will go with it. About 55 tons of Hallowell granite were used. It will take four cars to carry the granite part of the statue to Boston.

50 years ago, 1958

DUARTE, CAL. – Space planners should consider the possibility that new and deadly diseases may lie in wait on the moon, says a noted physician.

Because of the threat, the first man to reach the moon should be a doctor who knows how to handle primitive life forms without danger of contamination, adds Dr. Burgess L. Gordon.

Dr. Gordon said although there is supposed to be no life on the moon it is possible low forms of life such as fungi or spore formations exist.

“These could be either beneficial or extremely harmful to our planet.” he said. “If any primitive forms of life are found on the moon we must be careful how we bring them back. We must be alert to the possibility that spaceships can bring us new diseases that we don’t know how to fight.”

25 years ago, 1983

RUMFORD – Several area citizens may have thought it was an act of the Good Fairy when they returned to vehicles parked on Congress Street Wednesday and found them safe and dry despite the heavy rains.

Those who left windows down can thank Patrolman Archie Howard of the Rumford Police Department, who in a moment of goodwill, dashed down the street and rolled all the windows up.

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