Members of the Clef Club had one of the most successful outings in the club’s history yesterday. Eighteen members went to Lake Grove at 11 o’clock and had dinner at the Lake Grove House where one long table had been arranged for them. After an excellent shore dinner, the ladies adjourned to the grove where the afternoon was spent socializing. By 4 o’clock all had returned to the city, and they reported a jolly good time.

• A Boston optician has invented what he calls a panorama lens, which when it is attached to a pair of ordinary spectacles enables the wearer to see what is transpiring all around him without moving his head. Think how useful this new invention will be to school teachers and to chaperons.

50 years ago, 1958

Alfred A. Plourde Jr. of 11 Bellegarde Ave. will become administrative assistant in the Lewiston treasurer-tax collector’s office, a newly created post, according to reports making the rounds of municipal circles. Confirmation is expected in the near future, and Plourde reportedly will begin his new duties later this month.

• A mysterious explosion which rocked the Twin Cities yesterday afternoon shortly after 3 o’clock is believed to have been caused by a military jet aircraft breaking the sound barrier and causing a “sonic boom.” Calls came from all parts of the Twin Cities, testifying to the widespread effect of the blast. Officials in both cities were in accord in their belief the explosion was a “sonic boom.” There seemed to be no other explanation as police in both cities checked out all other possibilities.

25 years ago, 1983

Anti-nuclear demonstrations and rallies are planned around the country this weekend as a prelude to Disarmament Action Day on Monday, when a new campaign to stop nuclear weapons and their deployment will be announced.

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