Howard Faulkner of Union and School streets, Auburn, has purchased a Stanley Steamer and enjoyed his first ride into the country on Sunday.

• The season at Lake Grove opened most auspiciously yesterday afternoon and evening. Both performances were largely attended. The attraction this week is “Simple Simon and the Teddy Bears,” a musical extravaganza in two acts. The performances yesterday were very successful and greatly pleased the audiences.

50 years ago, 1958

ROCKLAND – House Speaker Sam Rayburn says the United States has fewer friends today than ever before. “I say this in sadness and regret,” the venerable Texan told the annual Jefferson-Jackson Day dinner of Maine Democrats Saturday night. “I fear that under the leadership we have in Washington, foreign affairs have been administered in such a fashion that we have fewer friends in the world than we have ever had.” he said.

Rayburn added that the world does not want “a big brother who goes around talking about the power he represents.” What is needed, he said, is a “good and sympathetic friend” for the globe’s oppressed peoples.

25 years ago, 1983

AUGUSTA – Maine’s abundant spruce and fir supply, and the industries that depend on it, are in jeopardy unless some decisions are made to improve forest management techniques, state conservation officials said Wednesday.

“We have a glut of wood existing in our forests now,” said the director of the state’s Forest Service as he presented a report analyzing Maine’s timber supply and demand.

But if the present rate of harvesting continues, industries will not be able to get the supply of wood they need from Maine’s forests – unless management methods improve, he said. The shortfall could occur between the years 2010 and 2020.

• One of the most famous American paintings, Washington crossing the Delaware, might actually be called Washington crossing the Rhine. The German-born artist, emanuel Leutze, used the Rhine River landscape at Dusseldorf as background for the mid-19th century painting, according to the German-American Tricentennial Commission.

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