While cleaning a codfish recently, Fish Warden F. A. Townsend of Calais found a ring in the stomach of the fish. The ring looks to be a gold-plated silver ring of the serpent variety, the head of the serpent set with a large emerald which is said to be an excellent stone notwithstanding the fact of its rather cheap setting.

50 years ago, 1958

Someone in Auburn is headed for trouble if he continues the activities reported yesterday. Auburn police said they received complaints from two Rochelle Street residents that they were deluged with gravel trucks and repairmen of various categories when actually they had made no calls for service or placed any orders. Such actions constitute vexing, tormenting and malicious mischief and carry very serious consequences.

25 years ago, 1983

Applications for 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympics tickets arrived at the Sears store in Lewiston Mall last week and Sears personnel report that many requests for applications already have been made. Applications are given out on a one-per-customer basis to people over 18. The applications contain schedules of all the events, prices, locations and times. Tickets range in price from $3 for a single event to $2,000 for continuous viewing of an event from beginning trials through final competition. The Olympics will be held July 28 through Aug. 12, 1984.

• Aerial acrobatics, military aircraft and aerochutists will highlight the annual Lewiston-Auburn Rotary Club Air Show July 9-10 at the Auburn-Lewiston Municipal Airport. The show, one of the largest on the East Coast this time of year, will feature some of the greatest air-show pilots and planes known today, according to show promoters. All proceeds from the air show will be used in the community to help those in need.

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