I congratulate Lindsay Tice on her story of June 22. (“Heating headache”)

She did a great job of explaining the pros and cons of several types of heating choices that are available locally.

However, she seemed to suggest the propane can be used to heat only small areas of a home with room heaters. In fact, most mobile home furnaces can easily be changed over from oil to propane. Also, homeowners can purchase tanks of their own, resulting in substantial savings per gallon.

I have heated my mobile home for the past 18 years with propane. When the price went to $3.29 per gallon, I started making phone calls. Listed in the local Yellow Pages is a company that will not only sell you tanks, but will also supply propane at reduced prices.

I am paying $1 less per gallon, and will recoup the price of the tanks in 18 months. After that, all savings will be in my pocket, not the dealer’s.

Gary Girouard, Lisbon

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