Considerable excitement was caused at the Buffum cottage last Saturday by a fire, presumably originating from cigar ashes thrown on the grass. Mrs. Buffum happened to be on her porch and saw the smoke, which soon broke into flames. She called for help and fire extinguishers were brought from Mrs. Davenport’s cottage. Mr. Peterson put out the flames by the strenuous application of the corn broom, assisted by Mrs. Buffum’s maids, with buckets of water. The whole episode lasted but a minute or two; but it is only another warning to careless throwers of lighted matches and cigar stubs.

• At the Lake Grove rollway Friday evening will be held a unique event – a masquerade ball on roller skates, which many will attend. The rollway will be open forenoon, afternoon and evening Saturday with the Brigade band in attendance all day. The Brigade band will also furnish music Friday night.

50 years ago, 1958

A prankster late last night sent several pieces of Lewiston fire fighting equipment on a wild-goose chase. A woman called Central Fire Station at 11:17 p.m. and reported the Hector J. Levasseur residence on the Golder Road was ablaze. Engines One, Three and Seven with Aerial No. 2 sped to the scene – and found nothing.

25 years ago, 1983

Following Wednesday night’s selectmen’s meeting, the town of Leeds is once again without a dump attendant. For the third time in the past two months, the board is seeking to fill the position. The latest person to be employed, Norman Abbot, after only one week on the job, notified the selectmen Wednesday at their Town House meeting that he had been offered another position, which he could not afford to pass up. Selectmen are asking that anyone interested in the part-time position have their applications in to the board before that group’s regularly scheduled meeting next Wednesday.

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