This is in response to the guest column from Malory Shaughnessy and Wayne Gallant, printed June 29.

That whole article, on raising taxes to reduce underage drinking, was nothing more than a lot of baloney. Quite frankly, I’m surprised at Gallant.

Who says that raising prices reduces underage drinking? The surgeon general? Medical malpractice is the No. 1 killer in this country, and they think anyone is going to believe the surgeon general?

The column stated that “Teens are price sensitive.” Huh? I certainly don’t know any teens who are, along with a lot of adults.

Then the article contradicts itself when it says buyers will be paying about six cents more for a beer. Do they really think that is going to deter somebody from drinking?

The tax increase is so typical of the left – tax it out of existence or ban it altogether. It reflects liberals’ “we’ll- make-it-too-expensive-so-people-can’t-afford-it-then-that-will-stop-them” mentality. We all know they just need the tax money to fund their failed programs, such as the Dirigo insurance plan.

I do not encourage or condone underage drinking. My concern is the tax issue, and the ludicrous column.

Paul Lowell, Rumford

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