As a cashier at a gas station, I’ve met many people … good, hard-working folks, struggling to break even. Unless oil prices fall sharply, I fear this nation is headed for a major recession. The middle class and the working poor will be decimated. Our community, which has seen an economic rebound in recent years, will fall into a steep decline.

Republicans and Democrats both deserve the blame – those aligned with big oil, those with socialist environmental groups.

I say, let incumbency wither on the vine.

How difficult is it for politicians to agree that this nation needs to explore and drill for oil today? And, at the same time, develop alternative energy sources? Let oil companies tap into the trillions of barrels of oil in shale; explore the Gulf of Mexico and the Alaska tundra.

If American companies replaced OPEC and Venezuela as the supplier to China and India, they would have more taxable income for the bureaucrats in Washington to exploit.

Simultaneously, politicians need to promote sensible alternative energy sources. Allocating resources for the production of ethanol is a major reason for high food prices. Stay with electric or solar. I don’t care what I’m driving as long as it’s safe and efficient.

Decisive action is needed in November. Voters need to rid the nation of roadblocks and elect people who will put the same passion into an energy plan that leaders put into winning World War II and sending a man to the moon.

Jim Sorcek, Lewiston

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