Wednesday, July 9

n We heard from Janice Anderson of Pleasant Hill, Calif., after having “syzygy” as a recent Word of the Week. She has traveled the world to view solar eclipses, and once had SYZYGY as her license plate. She says that she discontinued the plate because she was tired of strangers walking up to her and asking her if that was her last name.

n 25 Years Ago in TV Guide: Harvey Parry, Hollywood’s oldest stuntman at 83, was profiled in the July 2, 1983, issue. His career began in 1919 when he walked off a four-story building while reading a newspaper. According to the article, Parry claimed to have given non-driver John Wayne a ride to his first Hollywood job in the 1920s, and taught Robert De Niro how to box for “Raging Bull.”

The American playwright who has won more Pulitzer Prizes than any other is:

A) Neil Simon

B) Tennessee Williams

C) Thornton Wilder

D) Eugene O’Neill

Tuesday’s answer: London, England became the world’s first city to reach a population of 1 million in 1811. It remained the world’s largest city until 1957, when it was overtaken by Tokyo.

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