Word of the week: “Googlewhack.” It is a recently coined verb, to type two words into the Google search engine, without quotation marks, and get only one result. The glory derived from such a discovery must by definition be an anonymous one Web-wise, because the posting of it online would cause a second result from a Google search. (Thanks to Peter Gordon of Great Neck, N.Y.)

Super•odel Cindy Crawford was discovered by chance at the age of 16, when a newspaper photographer happened to notice her at work on a summer job, which was:

A) Shining shoes

B) Driving a tourist bus

C) De-tasseling corn

D) Umpiring softball games

Friday’s answer: There’s Marco Polo Airport in Venice, Vespucci Airport in Florence and da Vinci Airport in Rome, but Italy has no Michelangelo Airport.

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