As Monmouth voters consider the school budget for the third time, I feel the need to share some thoughts.

I taught at Monmouth Academy for 42 years. I stayed there at a salary that was lower than most schools in New England, and certainly than other parts of the country. My decision probably cost me $200,000 in salary over that time.

I do not regret my decision, because in Monmouth, I found a group of professionals and parents who believe in and support the effort to maintain a high level of academics for our children.

It is interesting that many who are vocal against any tax increase, are the same people whose children went through the Monmouth school system.

When those children were in school, there were many taxpayers without children in school who gave support. Why should that change?

The latest budget is one that both the school board and the board of selectmen agree is reasonable. Yes, there is a slight increase. The increase means that on a $200,000 house, taxes would increase $60 a year. That’s $5 a month, 16 cents a day.

The children are worth that.

Parents need to commit to voting on July 23. Those people going to be out of town should get an absentee ballet.

The children of Monmouth need voters’ support.

David Heckman, Monmouth

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