We’re with you in thinking that $4. is an awfully high price for a gallon of gasoline, but we can think of one everyday liquid that costs more, and that’s bottled water. On a recent day we checked in our local supermarket, we found a six-pack of Evian selling for $9.99. That works out to a lofty $6.32 per gallon.

In case you ever wondered, only male crickets chirp. Most species chirp at higher rates as the temperature rises. What do male crickets use to create their distinctive sound?

A) Their legs

B) Their antennae

C) Their wings

D) Their lungs

Tuesday’s answer: Bill Conti, who received a Best Score Oscar for “The Right Stuff,” has conducted the Academy Awards orchestra in 19 out of the past 32 years (1977 to 2008).

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